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How to add a pagination bar to your Wix website.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Make use of a pagination bar on your Wix website to allow users to page through a collection of items. Wix allows you to use pagination bars to move across various items stored in a collection.

Below you will find a video to help you learn how to add a pagination bar to your Wix website. Good luck!

Conveniently page through a various collection of items using a pagination bar.

Let's put it together.

First, I would advise you to create a collection on your Wix website. For my example below, you will find a collection of vacation destinations that I want to display on my website. For my collection we have the destination name, a description of the destination, an image, and a button that redirects users to the destination website.

Once you have created a collection, open your editor and add a repeater. You can add any repeater you would like just be sure that you have fields in the repeater that match the columns of information you have stored in your collect and would like to display. More of linking those later.

Once you have the repeater added to your website, click the link button to connect it to your collection. You'll first need to add a dataset to the page. Don't worry, this dataset element is hidden on your Published website. For now, we add that dataset so the page and repeater knows where to pull the information from. That dataset should connect to your collection. If you would like to display information in the repeater from two different collections, just be sure to add a dataset that is connected to each collection.

Now that we have our repeater added, linked to our collection and a dataset that is also connected to the dataset, click the dataset to apply a limit. For my example, I chose 2. I want 2 items from my collection displayed within the repeater at any 1 given time.

Next add a pagination bar, design it any way you would like! Next click the pagination bar and the link button to connect it to the dataset you'd like the bar the paginate.

Once done, go ahead and click Save then Preview to review your changes prior to Publishing your website. Need additional help? Click below to view our #youtube video showing you how to make this all come together.

View more of our self help videos on YouTube below.

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