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How to add an animated hover action to your Wix website.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Animated hover actions make your website come to life. Not only is the overall design of your website important, in some industries the user exeperience can be a bit exapnded on. Hover actions help achieve that. Best part is - there is no code required for this one.

Below you will find a video to help you add an animated hover action to your Wix website.

Let's not neglect the user experience on your website - add some Wix hover actions.

Let's make it happen.

Unfortunately at the time we write this post - hover actions are not possible on mobile devices. On mobile devices you can either choose to show the regular or hover view of the box.

You can achieve the hover action with a container box and/or a hover box. Either should work.

Navigate to the top left of your Wix editor and choose to add an element. On the element menu click Box > Container and/or Hover Box then add to your page. Begin to add elements to this box, get creative. Click the box > lightning button > Add hover interaction. Select the element you wish to animate and choose an effect. You can customize each of the available effects. Once done, go ahead and click Save then Preview to review your changes prior to Publishing your website. Need additional help? Click below to view our #youtube video showing you how to make this all come together.

View more of our self help videos on YouTube below.

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Oct 01, 2023

Adding hover animations to images like baltimore inner harbor pictures on your Wix website can improve the user experience and give your site a more professional look. It's cool and it has a number of advantages.

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