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How to automatically update copyright year on your Wix website.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Copy and paste the code below within your Wix editor and never need to worry about changing the copyright year again. Adding a few lines of code can help you automatically update the copyright year on your website. Often times this text sits at the footer of your website and should ne maintained to reflect the current year.

Below you will find a video to help you automatically update the copyright year on your Wix website as well as the code that you will need to copy & paste within your editor to bring it all together. Be sure to turn on DEV Mode and get busy!

Set the code and forget ever needing to update the copyright year on your website again.

Let's put it together.

Navigate to the top of your Wix Editor and select Dev Mode> Turn on Dev Mode. Once Dev Mode is turned on, your code panel will appear at the bottom of the editor.

If you haven't already, go ahead and add a text element to the footer of your website. Next, go ahead and copy and paste the code below within your code panel.

$w.onReady(function () {    
const year = new Date().getFullYear();     
$w('#footerCopyright').text = `© ${year} Your Company \nProudly created with`; 

Let ('#footerCopyright') refer to the text element ID you have assigned on your website. Unsure the element ID? Simply click on the text element and open your code panel. To the far right of your code panel you will see the element ID.

Let `© ${year} Your Company \nProudly created with` refer to the text that you would like displayed along with the copyright year. You can edit all the text within this line however, do not remove the {year} as this refers the current year to display.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter this same code on every one of your pages. Once done, go ahead and click Save then Preview to review your changes prior to Publishing your website. Need additional help? Click below to view our #youtube video showing you how to make this all come together.

View more of our self help videos on YouTube below.

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