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How to upload custom font to your Wix website.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Wix undoubtedly has a great selection of fonts available for use on your website BUT at times you want to stand out and pick another many have not used. Google Fonts is a great place to find completely free fonts to download and then upload for use in designing your Wix website. Folks at RELIABLE have paired quite a few of these fonts, stop by and check out some inspiration.

Below you will find a video to help you learn how to upload a custom font to your Wix website.

Stand out amongst the rest

Let's put it together.

Once you have downloaded the font to your personal computer, navigate to the Wix Editor and add a text element. Click on the text element then choose Font > at the botttom right you will see Upload Font, click it. Once done, go ahead and click Save then Preview to review your changes prior to Publishing your website. Need additional help? Click below to view our #youtube video showing you how to make this all come together.

View more of our self help videos on YouTube below.

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